Your Clinical Psychologist in Fourways, Sandton

Dr. Sandrina Haeck, a clinical psychologist, having trained through UNISA (BA), RAU (Hons), Medunsa (MSc Clin Psych), NWU (PhD) and currently enrolled in a PhD Program with SSA, follows a Systemic therapeutic intervention approach.

Simply put, Dr. Haeck deals with the ‘whole system‘ rather than part of it when it comes to problems individuals experience.

Dr. Haeck’s unique and thought provokingly fresh perspective on “what’s really going on”, resonates with the public at large, who at times feel exploited by the general trends in the mental health industry.  Dr. Haeck does not keep people stuck in perpetual therapy, but rather mobilizes the individual to be more effective and resourceful with an approach to life that is engaging, human and grounded in common sense.

Having undergone extensive training in the context of Weskoppies Psychiatric institute, Dr. George Mukhari Hospital, Central Maximum C-Max security prison in Pretoria as well as SANCA West Rand and currently in her own private practice in Fourways, she is fully qualified to address the entire system on every level regardless of the presenting complaint. Dr. Haeck says that in her  intervention, if we look at problems that occur in families, most of them revolve around one individual who seems to be the one that presents with the problems in the family. These are known as the “target patient” of the family; every family has one at some stage. When a member of the family is seen as ‘the Problem Child’ the entire system is affected and involved in sustaining that person as ‘the Problem’.  The aim of therapy focuses on each person‘s role in assisting the ‘Problem’ to remain as it is in the family along with each person’s interactional style in creating their part of ‘the Problem’.

Dr. Haeck believes that if we all could become aware of our own impact on others, half the battle would be won…

“Would you want to know what part you are, have been or will play in interaction with others, whether at home or in your future home?’

Dr. Haeck makes use of various therapeutic interventions, which she has found to be highly effective across contexts – every individual is unique and thus the intervention is in accordance with the individuals’ and systems needs.

Dr. Haeck addresses crisis cases daily from 07h00 To 09h00 at respective hospitals and clinics in the Gauteng area.

Her practice is located at 37 Penguine Drive, Fourways, 2055 and she is available for consultations Mondays To Thursday 10h00 To 19h00.

Dr. Haeck is unavailable on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during which times the referral sources become available to contact.

Dr. Haeck consults with clients who live abroad and within the outer lying regions of SA who require her assistance. She is available for telephonic consultations in these cases or in pre-arranged circumstances where an individual is unable to attend therapy after the first consultation.

My Commitment to You:

Haeck Clinical Psychology Services is based in Fourways, Gauteng. I am a registered member with the Health Professions Council as well as the Psychological Society of South Africa, The South African School of Psychotherapy, IITAP, SASHA, The Wellness Institute and MEISA.  I consistently strive for excellence in my profession in order to offer my clients the best benefits that mental health can offer.

Being trained in Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy as well as EMI (Eye Movement Integration) I am able to assist individuals to cope optimally with regression work as well as traumatic incident reduction.

I offer dynamic, solution-focused therapy designed to assist you and/or your family interact more effectively with your environment.  My PhD in clinical psychology focuses on systemic family therapy. Please feel free to contact me with regard to your or your family’s mental health needs.

Dr Sandrina Haeck

Dr Sandrina Haeck