Play Therapy

Play Therapy

Many children these days are plagued by numerous destructive experiences (Bullying, Divorce, trauma, Loss, Grief, Change, Pornography, substance abuse, and the likes) that are changing who they are becoming as people in this world. Dr. Haeck aims at assisting children as young as 3 years of age all the way up to 12 years of age to become well adjusted in their environments regardless of their circumstances. Play therapy is a ‘fun’ way of being in ‘fantasy’ and assessing children’s experiences in their world.

Through play change is created in an unobtrusive manner that assists your child in experiencing their world with ease and acceptance rather than anxiety and fear. Often parents are taught to be the child’s own therapist at home through a form of Filial therapy that guides parents optimally in understanding and assisting their child.

Children have a short attention span therefore a session would usually constitute a 40 minute play therapy and a 10 minute feedback with the parents.

Adolescence is a time in a parents life were much assistance and support is needed in an effort to first of all survive the duration and secondly ensure their child becomes and remains well adjusted to adolescence and the many changes one experiences along the way into puberty and relationships. Dr. Haeck assist parents and teens to relate and get to create a fundamental bond/attachment shift through adolescence that ensures that trust, openness and honesty remain key in the relationship.

Parent child play therapy sessions are 90 minutes in duration.

If you’re interested in scheduling a play therapy session, please contact me.

Family Therapy

Within the frame of Family therapy, my approach is based on inter-psychic solutions to behavioural problems. In layman’s terms this means that problems experienced by family members, lie between individuals- (ineffective interactional patterns). The way people define relationships sets the stage for the way they will interact in that dynamic in future and it either serves the individually optimally or it leads to individuals becoming symptomatic in that they are not interacting optimally with their environment.

I make use of family therapy in many instances where it is aimed at activating change in the relationships within the family and between family members.

This intervention is often used for family disputes, substance abuse within the family, confronting a situation that requires resolve, immigration, bereavement and extended family matters.

Family therapy ordinarily makes use of 2 hour sessions in an effort understand the dynamics of the entire family system.

Family therapy aims at re-defining roles within family systems that serve the system in interacting optimally with the environment. To schedule a Family Therapy session with me, please contact me here.