Eye Movement Integration (EMI) Therapy

Eye Movement Integration (EMI) is a tool used tor traumatic incident reduction, often used by Dr. Haeck for addressing trauma such as:

  • Hi-jacking,
  • Suicide attempts,
  • Home burglaries,
  • Rape,
  • Child abuse,
  • Sexual assaults,
  • Deaths,
  • PTSD issues,
  • Life trauma and adjustment

Eye Movement Integration is also used to address behaviour modification in terms of:

  • Poor Self concept,
  • Anger,
  • Frustration,
  • Irritability,
  • Depression
  • Procrastination and the likes.

A typical Eye Movement Integration (EMI) session is 90 minutes in duration.

To schedule an Eye Movement Integration session, please contact us.

Hypnotherapy & Brain Training

Combining Hypnotherapy with Brain Training:

The ULTIMATE solution to symptom free living.

A combination of highly effective Hypnotherapy along with six Brain Balancing sessions will head you in the right direction when it comes to living symptom free.

Many clients have invested in themselves and their future by way of understanding why they have engaged their world in a certain manner, through Hypnosis.

Before continuing with Hypnosis clients are referred to Rory Park-Ross of Neuro-Balance, who will compile a Brain Map for Dr. Haeck to ascertain what areas of the individuals lives may be driving the symptomatic behaviour.

Once this has been completed, Dr. Haeck assists individuals in understanding what subconscious process has been driving them in their world through Hypno—regression.

Once hypnosis has been completed individuals are left feeling and coping more effectively in their worlds.

Dr. Haeck then suggests that her clients go for Brain Balancing in order to ensure optimum long term Brain wave activity changes bringing about balance to ensure her clients live the life of change they have invested in long term.

A Hypnotherapy—Brain Balancing combination is a highly effective dual modality intervention for individuals who are aiming to achieve effective long term results within a short time frame.

To book a consultation contact Clinical Psychologist Dr. Haeck on 083 555 0911