CoupleShip – Intensive Couples Therapy

Coupleship - Intensive Couples Therapy


Re-Connecting intimacy

Intensive Couples Transformation

We HEAL through connection!

CoupleShip Overview  As a Clinical Psychologist, Sexologist and trauma specialist I journey with couples from their place of disconnect to transformational re-connection. I assist couples in re-learning communication aimed at connection. Using my wide role repertoire I navigate couples through a dialogical method towards a body experience of safety, redefining and intimacy. Once safety and stabilization has been created we are able to mobilize past fears, hurts, pains and teachings through CoupleShip. I am here to assist your coupling into a state of actualization. Couples intensive Process: I offer a two day (eight hours per day) intensive encounter centred couples transformation, wherein couples transcend with a new meaning system of relating. Couples leave with a renewed capacity to engage, bond, communicate and attach. Listening with compassion and intention to the inner voice of their CoupleShip bond. Couples create a new conjoined relational vision, one in which both are fully alive and present in that space of intimacy and the reciprocity of connection and wholeness. The couples is awakened to their current dance of disconnect and invited to engage in a new tango of CoupleShip. The couple is taken through a process of re-romanticizing, re-visioning, discovering childhood wounds and processes of Behaviour modification. CoupleShip is not a challenge to be solved but an adventure to be claimed! All sessions are in English ONLY!Couples 2 day intensives – available throughout  South Africa and internationally. Contact us for a private booking in your area.CoupleShip Workshop : I offer a two day (eight hours per day) intensive encounter centred couples transformation workshop for a group of 10 couples, wherein couples transcend with a new meaning system of relating. The workshop offers couples an opportunity to reconnect and foster an attitude within their relational dynamic of empathy, symmetrical communication, re-alignment of values and views and the will to transform towards CoupleShip mastery ! About ME!I am Dr Sandrina Haeck am a high profile internationally trained and qualified Clinical Psychologist, Sexologist, Family systems therapist , speaker and author. I believe couples can truly experience complete aliveness within a healthy relationship dynamic that is based on the principals of cohesion and expression. 

Dr Sandrina Haeck

All Couples  yearn to belong to a dynamic of deep connection and intimacy but due to life’s challenges, blue prints and limiting beliefs along with limited life skill sets actualize disconnection instead of connection. It remains my passion to assist couples to embark on a journey within themselves and their partnership to find the completion of self and other together! I believe there is a place of re-connection, intimacy and healing through CoupleShip! I have worked with over 18 000 individual therapy cases to date and find that the more I explore and know about human connection, the more we grow collectively through knowledge regeneration. Contact ME for your personal Coupleship encounter, or perhaps a joint CoupleShip workshop shared with others in the same dance as you or even an international encounter of the closest kind! Contact me today at +27835550911 or