Dr. Sandrina Haeck’s unique and thought provokingly fresh perspective on “what’s really going on”, resonates with the public at large, who at times feel exploited by the general trends in the mental health industry.  Dr. Haeck does not keep people stuck in perpetual therapy, but rather mobilizes the individual to be more effective and resourceful with an approach to life that is engaging, human and grounded in common sense.

Dr. Sandrina Haeck has been a featured expert in articles in various national publications throughout South Africa, including the Beeld newspaper, Odyssey Magazine and Sarie magazine.  Her “to the point” advice has been well received and has allowed her to reach a wider audience for example, her Anger Management Workshop at the Rosebank Union Church  in 2008.

Dr. Haeck is available for public speaking engagements, corporate workshops and seminars.  Please use the contact page.

Legacy Marketing Strategies (USA) utilizes Dr. Haeck’s services in order to assist individuals to optimize their potential in both professional and private life.  To book Dr. Haeck for a public speaking engagement in the United States, please use the contact page.

To read articles featuring Dr. Haeck in the South African media, please follow the links below (right-click and select “save as”):

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